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Since blade servers yank air from the front and blow it out the back, a reputable server rack cabinet will have to have special venting for air-flow. If you need a secure display case, the front and rear entrance doors should be mesh or perforated. This allows you to lock the doors and still be able to see your components. Depending on your room, you may even install a fan for extra air movement. Many servers work with mounting brackets that have a flange that fits in a square hole on the rackrails of an cabinet or rack. It can be imperative that the cabinet you select have this type of rackrail. There are other types of server racks labelled as 4-post server racks. Usually, they are a frame which has 2-sets of vertical courtyard holed rackrails that modify in depth. Some of the better 4-post racks can adjust from 26-42 inches wide deep. This is a very functional low cost way to put the hardware on.

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